Research publications:
2017, Dynamics of Affordance Actualization published in Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society
2013, Master of Science Thesis published in Lund University Publications

2017 at SCTPLS in Cincinnati, OH, USA. Oral presentation, Modeling an Object Transportation Task with the Cusp Catastrophe.
2017 at CogSci in London, UK. Oral presentation, Dynamics of Affordance Actualization.
2017 at JAM in London, UK. Poster presentation.
2016 at ISEP in Clemson, NC, USA. Poster presentation.

Teaching, guides in statistics:
One-way Repeated Measures ANOVA calculations with an example. (df, SS, MS, F and p - for Subjects/Conditions/Total/Error-terms).
Normal Distribution Guide: Transform Raw Score to Z-score to percentile to probability and back!
Three-way Between Subjects ANOVA SPSS table output and interpretation. (perDay, perWeek, Satisfaction as IVs (2x2x3) and GPA as DV)
If you use any of this material to teach, please refer back to this webpage.

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